One of our favorite parts of working with our financial advisors and broker-dealers is the reveal of each new website. It’s so exciting to see the unique personality and perspective of each advisor expressed through a website. Our team takes great pride in working with our clients to create something beautiful that stays true to the advisor and the people they serve.

Though every site we create has its own distinct features, there are some that stand out. We’ve compiled a few of the best financial services websites to inspire your own.

1. Financial Freedom Wealth Management Group

Based out of Newport, Oregon the Financial Freedom Wealth Management website focuses on retirement planning services.

Best Financial Advisor Websites

Why we love it:

Despite containing a wide variety of resources and pages, the Financial Freedom website is well organized. Special attention to design makes information easy to absorb. This makes the process of learning about and communicating with the firm simple.

“Our website captures the personality of our company, it creates a different experience than other financial advisor websites, and it helps us stand out. FMG Suite not only gives you a great website but also great content you can share via email and social media– and puts it all in one place.” – Julia Carlson, Financial Freedom Wealth Management Group

Check out the site here: Financial Freedom Wealth Management

2. Henderson Financial Group

The regal colors and logo of the Henderson Financial Group‘s website help this site stand out.

Best Financial Advisor Websites

Why we love it:

Choosing the right financial advisor is challenging for many potential clients. We love the Henderson Financial Group’s website because it provides visitors with a clear user experience. This is best seen on the homepage, which is designed to provide just enough information for visitors to determine if the firm is right for them.

Check out the site here: Henderson Financial Group

3. RPI Financial Life Planners

The RPI Financial Life Planners website places special emphasis on building relationships with clients.

Best Financial Advisor Websites

Why we love it:

One of the best ways to build a relationship with a client, and attract new ones, is to make yourself a resource. For most firms, this comes in the form of a blog. But RPI Financial Life Planners went above and beyond by focusing on video resources on a variety of topics. Best of all, these resources are tied to a call-to-action, giving the site more opportunities to connect with visitors.

Check out the site here: RPI Financial Life Planners

4. Shifting the Culture Wealth Partners

The Shifting the Culture Wealth Partners website seeks to make the benefits of a family office approach more accessible to their primary audience, people of color.

Best Financial Advisor Websites

Why we love it:

Typically, the comprehensive wealth strategies of a family office are only offered to the ultra-wealthy. The Shifting the Culture website changes this narrative. By focusing on the specific needs of an audience, the site acts as a great example of how to craft a niche from relatively broad services.

Check out the site here: Shifting the Culture Wealth Partners

5. Empire Wealth Strategies

Empire Wealth Strategies is a great example of a site that leverages other marketing strategies to build its brand.

Best Financial Advisor Websites

Why we love it:

Integrating video, blogging, and multiple social media channels, Empire Wealth Strategies places special emphasis on connecting with potential clients, wherever they are. Reach out to a large audience like this, allows the site to take advantage of its multiple services, attracting a wide range of visitors.

Check out the site here: Empire Wealth Strategies

6. Strategies for Wealth

As a firm with a history dating back to 1934, the Strategies for Wealth site pays special emphasis on the philosophy of wealth building to offer an array of services.

Best Financial Advisor Websites

Why we love it:

We love the Strategies for Wealth site because it takes one of the biggest challenges of marketing a firm with a wide range of services, and turns it into its biggest benefit. This is shown throughout the site’s copy which emphasizes a history of personalized planning.

Check out the site here: Strategies for Wealth

7. Marrero Wealth

The Marrero Wealth site utilizes best practices to create an organized and welcome site while providing clients and visitors with a robust content library.

Marrero Wealth Home Page

Why we love it:

The Marrero Wealth site stands out for a variety of reasons, but most of all due to its robust content library. Blogs, videos, market updates and more are supplied to visitors and clients alike, providing not only SEO benefits to the site, but also positioning it as a strong resource for financial knowledge.

Check out the site here: Marrero Wealth

8. Potomac Financial Consultants

Potomac Financial Consultants, located in Germantown, Maryland, has built a site that is fully customized and speaks to their main client base, women and families.

Best Financial Advisor Websites


Why we love it:

The simplified navigation bar makes it easy for visitors to find what they’re looking for, while the site’s design perfectly merges professionalism with approachability, making it one of the best financial services websites on our list.

“Clients seem to love it,” said owner Michelle Bender. “It’s easier to navigate than our old website and has a more streamlined – but still complete – feel to it.”

Check out the site here: Potomac Financial Consultants

9. Heritage Financial Advisors

The Heritage Financial Advisors website instantly stuns with a gorgeous image of a lake in Minnesota, where they are located. We love that they’ve included a definition of “heritage” in the first section, to emphasize their commitment to the name and approach.

Best Financial Advisor Websites

Why we love it:

The Resource Center and Tools options provide a robust catalog of content for their clients, so any visitor can feel confident in the firm’s expertise. They also use their own personal images throughout the site, providing a sense of connection to their advisor, Larry Donna.

Check out the site here: Heritage Financial Advisors

10. SA Piggush

Our designers Working with advisor Scott Piggush in Illinois, our designers took his unique color scheme and personal imagery to create the beautiful SA Piggush site.

Best Financial Advisor Websites

Why we love it:

By working with Scott, our designers were able to completely customize the site template, creating a unique experience for visitors while catering to the specific goals of the firm.

Scott is thrilled by the finished product, explaining, “We’ve seen positive results in our website’s ability for clients and prospects to stay engaged to our site when they read the articles and newsletters we’ve included.” After a quick perusal of the site, it’s easy to see why their clients love it, and why we’ve named it a top financial services website.

Check out the site here: SA Piggush

11. Headway Financial Solutions

The first thing that catches our attention on the Headway Financial Solutions site is the personal imagery of advisor Misha Schryer and her team.

Best Financial Advisor Websites

Why we love it:

By showing the team in action at their beautiful office, visitors feel instantly connected to this Denver-based firm.

The white spacing and color choices are modern and professional, and the CTAs on the subpages make it easier for visitors to become customers. The robust event calendar and resources make it apparent that this firm is committed to fully serving its clients. By adopting a personal feel, this site attracts new and existing clients alike.

Check out the site here: Headway Financial Solutions

12. Humanitis Financial

When our team built the Humanitis Financial site, there was a huge focus on making the landing page look attractive and eye-catching, which we think worked out very well.

Teenagers/adults skating for finance

Why we love it:

While the Humanitis Financial site was built quite quickly, nothing was sacrificed in terms of design. We wanted them to stand out as unique so we crafted them a lovely website.

The site is slick and boosts an emphasis on ease of access by having the navigation pane always visible allowing for fast page swapping. Easy to read text makes it so that site visitors will never have trouble finding their way around giving them a wonderful experience.

Check out the site here: Humanitis Financial

13. Peak Financial Solutions

Using Peak Financial Solution’s logo of a cliff as a jumping-off point, we wanted to create a sense of more under the surface. While navigation seems simple on the surface, if you dive down you’ll find everything you’ll need.

Peak financial site with navigation tabs to pages

Why we love it:

The simple layout with clean colors ensures that any visitor is visually pleased. Navigation is of the utmost importance so a big emphasis was placed on easy site navigation. Making sure just the right amount of information was given to ensure visitors could find what they need.

The panels near the bottom appeal both to current customers as well as potential clients, and keep visitors engaged and connected. This streamlined top financial planning website provides all the information clients need in one friendly package.

Check out the site here: Peak Financial Solutions

14. Cabot Wealth Management

The entire Cabot Wealth Management site ensures clients that their experience will always be put first by everyone on the team.

Cabot Wealth site with navigation tabs

Why we love it:

The first thing visitors will notice when connecting to the site is the lovely carousel showing off important pages and updates. The carousel makes learning about the company and its services simple and efficient.

It’s no wonder that Cabot’s favorite feature of his FMG Suite site is “the flexibility, as well as the ability to easily add content.” It’s great to see how much the team has customized this top financial planning website to make it fit this unique firm.

Check out the site here: Cabot Wealth Management

15. Tahoe Rim Wealth Management

The Tahoe Rim Wealth Management site starts with a bang thanks to the unique modern design and a prominent panning image of Lake Tahoe. The calming scrolling lets visitors know Tahoe has you covered so you can sit back and relax.

Panning lake with navigation tabs to different pages

Why we love it:

Clear, effective copy emphasizes the client throughout this site, while effective use of brand color in not just CTAs, but images, draws the eye to specific elements on each page.

After working with the FMG Suite team, Tahoe Rim Wealth Management was able to build a stunning website that truly fits their firm’s personality.

Check out the site here: Tahoe Rim Wealth Mangement

Our Expertise is Showing off Yours

When you work with FMG Suite, you’re able to build a customized financial advisor website that promotes your unique firm’s mission and client base. Whether you’re looking to locate new customers or stay connected to current clients, our platform can help you do it.

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