A brand positioning strategy is a plan that defines your unique identity through specific, consistent messaging in everything from digital marketing to the services you offer. Your brand is not your name, website, or logo; your brand is the story of who you are that separates you from every other financial services provider.

Financial advisor branding is all about building an online presence that connects to the needs, emotions, and intellect of prospects. A successful brand positioning strategy will define your company in a way that distinguishes it from the thousands of other service providers and creates a powerful and stable competitive advantage.

Imagine what harnessing the power of financial advisor branding could do for your company. The story of your specific approach to financial services and client relationships builds trust, creates a position of authority, and helps increase your AUM.

The Four Components of Brand Engagement

  Did you know that 64% of consumers cite shared values as the primary reason they have a relationship with a brand? As a financial advisor, this applies to and your brand as well. Establishing a brand that speaks to your potential clients and aligns with who you are as a business is key to…

Marketing Mistakes - Financial Advisors

What are Infographics and How Can I Use Them?

Infographics are a great way to share information and statistics in a more visual format than an article. Designed to be shareable, infographics are great to use within your marketing to encourage your social media fans to share and engage with your content pieces. In our latest marketing tip…