If you don't have a marketing automation strategy for your financial services, then you may be unnecessarily spending valuable time on marketing tasks and projects instead of advising clients. Staying in touch with clients, reaching out to prospects, and other marketing efforts don't have to be difficult, time-consuming processes. You can quickly learn about marketing automation right here at FMG Suite and discover what a powerful tool it is for building your business.

Marketing automation technology has evolved in recent years to quickly and easily create personalized emails, text messages, and other marketing communications. This technology can streamline and manage entire marketing campaigns across multiple platforms to nurture prospects and clients throughout the client journey. But the benefits of an effective marketing automation strategy aren't constrained to just external efforts.

Marketing automation can also help you efficiently manage your day-to-day operational processes like internal communications, feedback processes, and other tasks. How much time could you free up if you could easily automate those repetitive processes, both internally and externally? How much more could you grow your business if you could directly focus more efforts on prospects and clients, instead of being tied down with marketing efforts?

What Is The Difference Between Automated Marketing Platforms and Customer Relationship Management?

Most advisors have a Client Relationship Management (CRM) tool, but not all use automation software. Too often, advisors assume the two are the same. While it is important the two technologies work in tandem, CRMs are actually very different than Automated Marketing Platforms (AMP). Here's a quick…

How Do I Get the Most Out of a Single Marketing Piece?

The lifespan of online content is incredibly short, whether it's a social media post, email newsletter, blog article, or video. However, there is a way you can extend the life cycle of your content by recycling and repurposing it through different channels and mediums. Not only will this lengthen…

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Automation: Multitasking in a Fast-Paced Marketing World

Chances are, as a business professional, you’ve become a multitasking master. Maybe you put dinner in the oven while you get work done in the evenings, walk the dog as your daily exercise, or listen to an audiobook on your commute to work. Your marketing strategies can function in a similar way…