The Financial Advisor’s Guide to Email Marketing

While everyone’s tasks and schedule differ every day, email is one of the few constants. Email has largely become the key communication method between advisors and their clients and prospects.

Research shows that the most productive advisors “touch” their clients 12 to 18 times per year. This practice keeps the advisor at the forefront of clients’ and prospects’ minds so they are more likely to mention the advisor when a referral opportunity arrives. It also improves client satisfaction and increases awareness of other services the advisor offers, resulting in increased business. Email is the ideal platform for maintaining these kinds of client “touches.”

But in order to see success with your email marketing efforts, you need to know how to strategically use email marketing. In this whitepaper, we’ll guide you through the essentials you need to achieve successful and effective email marketing, including:

  • How to build an engaged email list
  • The importance of segmenting your lists
  • The successful email campaign formula
  • The power of writing a click-worthy subject line
  • How to measure your email analytics
  • Simple ways to boost your email marketing ROI

Download the Whitepaper

Learn how to launch your email marketing strategy.

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