Three Website Writing “Don’ts”

January is Website Copywriting month! Last week, we shared three things you must do while writing your website. This week, we will review three things to avoid in the copy on your site. Let's take a look!

Three Website Writing “Do’s”

Happy New Year! To kick off 2015, we are focusing on how to write your website to improve SEO and generate referrals. Watch this video to learn the three things you should focus on while writing your site and be sure to check your site’s keyword density here. Let's take a look!

Generate Referrals With Client Events

We know that our "A" clients typically refer other "A" clients. But are you using client appreciation events geared towards your top tier clients to garner introductions to their friends and network? Watch this video to learn how to leverage social media to make the most of your events and how to…

Financial Advisor Marketing Journey

Cruising With Craig: FMG Suite on the Road!

Two of the best things a company can do to create better products are to get some distance in order to stoke creativity and to keep its fingers on the pulse of its customers. For these reasons, Craig will hit the road this summer to travel cross country and spend time with FMG Suite customers on…

FMG Suite Wins a Telly Award [Video]

Who says that good work goes unrewarded? Our video "Do You Feel Lucky?" was selected as a winner in the 33rd Annual Telly Awards. The Telly's are the gold standard in recognizing the best web and broadcast television video content. Our specific award was within the "Informational Online Video"…